Gorgeous and glittering Belly Dancing Dress and Costumes. Each piece has a top and bottom which is made of chiffon and then hand embroidered with sequins, beads and coins.

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  • Dance Costumes

    Sheer Chiffon Dance Costumes with embroidery sequins beads and coins. Each dress has a bustier with a matching bottom like a skirt. long skirt ot harem pants. Many deigns in different colors.

  • Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

    Sheer Chiffon Hip Scarves with glittering beads and coins that jingle when you dance or move. An essential for any Belly dancer is the Hip Scarf made from Chiffon with Crochet from which hang hundres of beads and metal coins. The coins jingle when the belly dancer moves and make the distinctive sound of a belly dance. We have a huge variety of hip scarves triangular and rectangular ones, with coins in 2 lines or more, with lines that run straight at angles and also in circles. The hip scarves are in myriad colors so take your pick.

  • Chiffon Harem Pants

    Sheer Chiffon Harem Pants great for Belly Dancers or School Dances, very stylish as a bikini coverup for a poolise party or on the beach. Many colors the harem pants have a slit on the side and elastic at the ankles adorned with gold coins.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item