Unique Handmade Jewelry made by master craftsmen in antique silver and gold plate with great looking stones. Silver bracelets, rings, necklaces and bridal jewelry sets.

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  • Silver Belts Belly Chains

    Silver Belly Chains and Waist Belts, made from soft metal and silver plated with dangling coins and metal beads. The coins sparkle and jingle when you dance or move. A great accessory for the hip woman goes very well with a pair of tights or yoga pants or with a belly dancing costume. Wear it over your bikini as a body harness. Bring the shine into your life!

  • Silver Anklets

    Silver Anklets the Silver Ankle Bracelets go around each of the Belly Dancers ankles.handcrafted by master jewelers. Anklets are traditional pieces of jewelry for women and add a flair to your ankles. Anklets were the rage in in ancient Egypt and in India where they signified marital status. Anklets with bells were also commonly used in belly dancing. Today, anklets remain a treasured piece of jewelry in various styles.

  • Bridal Jewelry Sets

    Bridal Jewelry Sets in Gold and White Gold studded with Diamantes and other Jewel Stones, handcrafted by mastercraftsmen.