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Antiques and Collectibles in Brass, Iron and Wood. Nautical Instruments, Medieval Armor and Helmets, Optical Telescopes in Brass. Our prices beat ebay.

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  • Unusual Antiques and...

    A unique collection of replicas of antique navigation instruments and other useful collectibles.

  • Marine Navigation...

    Marine Navigation Instruments of yesteryear like Sextants and Compass also Survey Instruments, I must mention that even in days of GPS the Russian Navy and several others continue to have Sextants and Compasses in case of failure or denial of the GPS system. We also bring you a range of 18th century Nautical Collectibles like Diver Helmets, Lanterns,,Sand Timers, keychains and other collectible for your desk or that special corner of your study.

  • Brass Marine Lamps and...

    Brass Marine Lamps and Lanterns. You can actually fill them with oil and light the wick, beautiful and intricate lanterns to hang over your entrance door or even keep it in the corner.

  • Brass Telescopes

    Brass Antique Telescopes in all sizes from Pocket Telscopes to giant 40 inch Telescopes on tripod stands.

  • Brass Keychains

    Brass Keychains never before! each keychain has a nautical instrument hanging from it. Telescope keychain, ships wheel and many more.

  • Brass Compass and...

    A COMPASS the basic instrument for all navigation on land or sea.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items